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If you don't like where you are, what you are doing, and how you feel, you have the power to change it. -Teresa R. Getman

Get to Know the Dare to Dream Diva!

Teresa R. Getman

Your no-nonsense coach, guide, cheerleader, and friend

As a child, Teresa’s family lived overseas while her father was in the Air Force. But South Haven, Michigan, where Teresa’s extended family lived, was always their “home base.” Whenever they returned to the United States, Teresa’s parents always gave her a pocket full of money (or what felt like it, to a little girl), and the first thing Teresa would do is rush to the Maple Grove Party Store with her cousins and buy them whatever they wanted. There ALWAYS seemed to be enough money for everyone. The joy for her in having something has always been to share her bounty with someone else.

Teresa has been where you are, and she wants to share with you the proven recipe for getting what you want. Reclaim your unique purpose, take back your power, and discover an amazing new path to creating positive change in your life!

The best news is that you have been given all you need to live your one wild and precious life to the fullest!! Let Teresa show you how to step into your power with insightful, easy-to-follow steps, and concrete lessons at her fun, interactive DreamShops designed to reconnect you with your very best self.

Playing small doesn't serve the world. There will never be another you. -Teresa R. Getman

Changing Lives One Person at a Time

quick hits of inspiration

Stop waiting to be thin to be GREAT!

Stop waiting to be thin to be GREAT!

You are wonderful right NOW just as you are! All my life I have been told to fix my body.…
Dear 2023, You are precious as you alone hold all of our lasts.

Dear 2023, You are precious as you alone hold all of our lasts.

Our last meal together Our last shared joke Our last kiss His last smile just for me The last touch…
Dear 2023, I hate you with all my heart!

Dear 2023, I hate you with all my heart!

You took my Sterling physically and shattered my world without a warning You turned my world upside down and sent…