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If you don't like where you are, what you are doing, and how you feel, you have the power to change it. -Teresa R. Getman

Get to Know the Dare to Dream Diva!

Teresa R. Getman

Your no-nonsense coach, guide, cheerleader, and friend

As a child, Teresa’s family lived overseas while her father was in the Air Force. But South Haven, Michigan, where Teresa’s extended family lived, was always their “home base.” Whenever they returned to the United States, Teresa’s parents always gave her a pocket full of money (or what felt like it, to a little girl), and the first thing Teresa would do is rush to the Maple Grove Party Store with her cousins and buy them whatever they wanted. There ALWAYS seemed to be enough money for everyone. The joy for her in having something has always been to share her bounty with someone else.

Teresa has been where you are, and she wants to share with you the proven recipe for getting what you want. Reclaim your unique purpose, take back your power, and discover an amazing new path to creating positive change in your life!

The best news is that you have been given all you need to live your one wild and precious life to the fullest!! Let Teresa show you how to step into your power with insightful, easy-to-follow steps, and concrete lessons at her fun, interactive DreamShops designed to reconnect you with your very best self.

Playing small doesn't serve the world. There will never be another you. -Teresa R. Getman

Changing Lives One Person at a Time

I really appreciated the workshop for many reasons. I enjoyed the process, the diversity of participants with unique goals, but a sense of comraderie, and the nonjudgmental support. It helped to distill into an action plan things that previously had really flown under my radar. I recommend Teresa’s Vision Board Dreamshop highly, without reservation!

Lori D.


I attended “Create Your Life Vision Board Dreamshop" and although I went in a bit tentatively I could not have been more grateful for the time invested. When you retire, you start imagining vision and purpose are more what was your experience (past tense), and now as you ease up on the daily demands there is less to build on. The truth is just the opposite. This workshop opened my eyes to the intrinsic value of each day and to self reflect. Visiting questions of “where is my passion, and what ignites peace and purpose in my life?" The end of the workshop was emotional and was a bit like looking in the mirror and seeing the reflection a little more brightly. I love to check in on my vision board now and then, adding or building on some of the stories I put on it and counting my blessings for the ones that are fulfilled.


Cross-culture dreamer

As a caregiver to my in-laws and my brother, as well as a business owner, I don’t allow myself time for me very often. When I heard about Teresa’s class, I looked at it as an opportunity to escape the craziness at home, but I got so much more. Teresa provided a safe environment and gentle guidance to help us explore, ponder, and shape what we wanted for ourselves. What may look to others like an art project is actually an emotional and inspiring experience. My vision board sits on a table in my office so I can see it each day! Already, seven of the images I have on my vision board have come to fruition and others continue to be a work in progress – but they are happening! I encourage you to give a gift to yourself by engaging with Teresa. Her energy, passion, and caring heart will inspire and ignite you in ways you never thought possible. And don’t all of us deserve that?

Dr. Jean Norris

Managing Partner, Norton | Norris, Inc.

I have never forgotten the revelation that a four-letter word for happiness was not what so many were calling from the audience: "love," or even "wine." It was "risk." That was a sea change moment for me. In her "Create Your Life Vision Board Dreamshop," Teresa takes you even deeper into taking care of yourself, leading you through a fun yet powerful process to let go of preconceived ideas or limitations that can stifle your dream and limit your future. Each day I connect with the vision board I created so I am pulled toward my vision.



I’m so glad that I did this vision board. It has been part of my family’s dreaming process. My husband and I, along with our 3 kids (under 4yrs), daily dream and discuss the things that we see! Together we’ve ticked off these things over the last year: me lose 32.6 pounds, my husband travel internationally for business, we both have started an international speaking circuit that is broadcast on 5 different continents. While my kids have advanced beyond their age level in our homeschool program, together we’ve established a family rhythm and are creating life-giving memories.

Jessica T

I am so honored to say that Teresa R. Getman was one of my favorite students, and then quickly became my first certified trainer, and finally a Master Trainer of 8 to Great. I have never met her equal as far as passion, charisma, insight and phenomenal speaking skills. Watching her touch lives and inspire change over these last three decades has been one of my greatest joys. It's time for the world to meet and fall in love with this powerful force for good.

MK Mueller

Author of 8 to Great and the podcast MK Mueller's Positive Powercast

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