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January 2021

Fear and Who’s on First?

So I was thinking after I posted my last blog on the baseball analogy, about how in life we never really strike out… I didn’t mention the TEAM. Those who support you. Those whom you support. Your Tribe. But there’s more to your team than those that readily come to mind. Your team consists of those who don’t even know they support you, and those you have no idea you… Read More »Fear and Who’s on First?

What if I Fail?

What if you don’t?? What if you swing and miss and swing and miss and swing and WHAM… Grand Slam??? The first 2 swings can look like failure to the untrained eye, and many would give up then. But to those who know better…they might look like great lessons learned on ways NOT to do it. So, step up to the plate. Taking from Wayne Gretzky’s famous quote – you… Read More »What if I Fail?

Highlighting What’s Good

The Friday Morning Breakfast Club Radio Show Hosted by Yours Truly and Rosalie Plechaty Fridays, 8:30 am – 9:00 am EST 103.7 COSY-FM There are good people doing great things all around us! Sometimes, we just have to look for them, lift them up, learn from them, and let the inspiration flow!! I am beyond excited and honored to kick off 2021 by hosting a new radio show that will… Read More »Highlighting What’s Good