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A Coaching Moment on DREAMS from The Dare To Dream Diva!!

What you think quote from Teresa R. Getman
It’s imperative to understand your heart’s desire… order to do that…..writing it out (as opposed to typing it) does work better IMO, and slows you down to think it through. You will notice it isn’t money you want, but what you think it will buy you……be very honest about what you THINK…..because what you think, determines what you feel, which determines what you do, which determines WHO YOU ARE!! So what the hell YOU’RE THINKING is paramount!! You can’t change how you feel until you’re honest about the thoughts behind them……I invite you to release the notion that you have to HAVE something before you can BE something. Marry up to the idea that you are ENOUGH! BE that which you want to see in the world. Become that BEING whom you admire most. Be Grateful and Feel the real Blessing of the NOW…….so you can DO the things you love, so you can HAVE the Life you’ve imagined………because frankly, you are Perfect today exactly as you are with room for growth and evolving..…it’s part of your perfect journey…… no better, no worse than any other……. but uniquely YOU – a one-of-a-kind, on-purpose event!! And that’s pretty damn awesome if you think about it! One dream doesn’t have to wipe out another…….a spouse/partner, children, and a successful career………. (We have to look at how we define success too)…..YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU TRULY WANT, but limiting God and this Universe is dangerous and offensive and not the way it happens. No one asked you once to figure out the HOW of your dreams, how they would come to fruition, just to be more clear and honest about the desires of your heart, dig through the layers of inaccurate assessments you’ve built a life on and GET REALLY REAL and honest!! I invite you to take money off of the table because it’s limiting and not what you want in the first place… is imaginary and only has the value you place on it…’s what you imagine you can BUY …..but did you know …..many people live in homes THEY did not purchase……many people travel the world and have never paid for an airline ticket …….are you playing small? Your imagination is key here…..Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Read that again. The process of finding what you want is not easy, a bit scary, and you have to be brave as hell… it!! Get CLEAR! Knowing What you REALLY WANT and being honest about WHY you want it so you can reevaluate if it’s TRULY a heart’s desire, A DREAM, or a “should” or an inaccurate assessment!! This is not a quick process and most likely you’ll need help……start by being okay with a massive messy page of rambling…… but start….then someday soon having it written down in your pocket/wallet is crucial……or take a picture and have it as a screen saver on your phone or not…..BUT HAVE IT ON YOU AT ALL TIMES!!
Teresa R. Getman
The Dare to Dream Diva
InnerPrizes, LLC