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Behind the Mask…The Eyes Have It

Behind the Mask... The Eyes Have It
That used to be an expression we used which now holds a slightly different meaning. I remember a lovely woman who attended my vision board workshop and she wrote to thank me after the retreat. Here’s a line from her email: “You provided a safe place for women to remove our masks…” That humbled and moved me to the center of my being. Today, we wear a physical mask due to an executive order. And really, right now it seems our eyes are all that are visible as the numerous hats that now accompany our masks to hide the grey, the overgrown and the not-so-bombshell blonde roots cover us up even more. Nothing wrong with that. What I find fascinating is the new way we will communicate with these masks. What’s that about “The ayes have it?” Well, these days, the EYES have it! Yes, they certainly do, and it’s all up to them now. It’s really all we can see of one another as we venture out in this new normal (for now?). We are learning that people can’t see our smile, can’t hear us as clearly as we learn to talk through our new face gear. And there’s some pretty fancy face gear out there. (Crown Royal bag is my fav. Who knew those bags would indeed be useful for more than just collecting change?) Even so, we are finding new ways to communicate as a simple smile is undetectable through our masks, so the smiling from your eyes is coming into play now more than ever. For those less expressive folks, this will be a challenge. Maybe the real opportunity here is to let the light of our spirit shine as brightly and purposefully as ever before, and to lift our voices so they can be heard beyond our “masks.” I think you caught that!! Teresa R. Getman
The Dare to Dream Diva
InnerPrizes, LLC

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