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Potty Training Your MIND

Potty Training Your MIND

Any parent who has potty-trained a child knows these four things…. 1. Not My Circus A baby becomes aware of a mess in their diaper early on, with no idea how it got there. But they do know one thing…..they don’t like it, and want it off of them…..STAT!! 2. Who’s Monkeys are These? At some point, a toddler will realize the mess and the smell are coming from them! They aren’t… Read More »Potty Training Your MIND

If your GIFT has strings attached….Stop giving it away….Those strings are holding YOU back!

When you give to someone, be very clear on your reasoning. Be up front on your expectations. Be aware of your intentions……remember, it’s a gift! What is your connection with your gift? We are not discussing business deals and loans here; those are completely different and not the subject of this message. We are talking about when we give of our time, talent, or money as a gift. Your relationship… Read More »If your GIFT has strings attached….Stop giving it away….Those strings are holding YOU back!
What you think quote from Teresa R. Getman

A Coaching Moment on DREAMS from The Dare To Dream Diva!!

It’s imperative to understand your heart’s desire… order to do that…..writing it out (as opposed to typing it) does work better IMO, and slows you down to think it through. You will notice it isn’t money you want, but what you think it will buy you……be very honest about what you THINK…..because what you think, determines what you feel, which determines what you do, which determines WHO YOU ARE!! So… Read More »A Coaching Moment on DREAMS from The Dare To Dream Diva!!

My Blog for Believers like Me (with Flaws)

Written May 20, 2020…just having the guts to post! Greetings to those who’ve stumbled upon my page or purposefully joined me here. I’m Teresa R. Getman, the Founder and CPWO (Chief Peace & Wholeness Officer) of InnerPrizes and the Create Your Life Vision Board Workshops now called DreamShops (VBDS).  So, I laughed out loud at that picture. A dear friend and participant of one of my first VBDS sent it… Read More »My Blog for Believers like Me (with Flaws)

Fear and Who’s on First?

So I was thinking after I posted my last blog on the baseball analogy, about how in life we never really strike out… I didn’t mention the TEAM. Those who support you. Those whom you support. Your Tribe. But there’s more to your team than those that readily come to mind. Your team consists of those who don’t even know they support you, and those you have no idea you… Read More »Fear and Who’s on First?

What if I Fail?

What if you don’t?? What if you swing and miss and swing and miss and swing and WHAM… Grand Slam??? The first 2 swings can look like failure to the untrained eye, and many would give up then. But to those who know better…they might look like great lessons learned on ways NOT to do it. So, step up to the plate. Taking from Wayne Gretzky’s famous quote – you… Read More »What if I Fail?

Highlighting What’s Good

The Friday Morning Breakfast Club Radio Show Hosted by Yours Truly and Rosalie Plechaty Fridays, 8:30 am – 9:00 am EST 103.7 COSY-FM There are good people doing great things all around us! Sometimes, we just have to look for them, lift them up, learn from them, and let the inspiration flow!! I am beyond excited and honored to kick off 2021 by hosting a new radio show that will… Read More »Highlighting What’s Good

Speak Up, I Can’t Hear You!

Download THE Conversation Starts Here! Question Cards Download THE Conversation Starts Here! Worksheet “What can I do?” you ask. I’m just one person. I’m not a leader. I’m not a pastor. I’m not a politician. I’m just one person with a desire to help in some way. Great! We welcome your desire, we love your courageous heart, and we need YOUR VOICE! Your voice can be more powerful than you… Read More »Speak Up, I Can’t Hear You!
Judgment Smudgment!!

Judgment Smudgment!!

What’s this I hear about JUDGMENT?…I believe “judgment” gets a bad rap. People say, “Don’t judge.” When in reality, we do it all day long!! So, I say, Judgment Smudgment!! I know, blasphemy…right? But to me, judgment is not that big of a deal since it’s natural to do it all of the time (which brand is better, which route is faster, and which blogs are worthy of our time… Read More »Judgment Smudgment!!