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I have never been contained except I built the prison. -Mari Evans

Gettin’ Real With Fake Eyelashes

I just had to laugh as I’m brushing my teeth and watch yet another eyelash fall out. As the black, spider-like silk lash hits the white porcelain sink, I think I can actually hear God laughing at all the plans I made for launching my business in early spring…and it’s deafening. Funny. Kinda-sorta. Some parts, not at all. As I said before… Dear 2020, None of this sh!t was on… Read More »Gettin’ Real With Fake Eyelashes
Teresa R. Getman

What’s a girl to do?

More than one teacher and a principal informed her in no uncertain terms she would not amount to much. What’s a girl to do? – Envisioned a clear picture of her future and become CEO of a Youth Organization that spans three school districts and provides “out-of-school-time” programming and meals for thousands of youth. That’s what! In the middle of a great year with a great company, shift happened and… Read More »What’s a girl to do?