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Potty Training Your MIND

Potty Training Your MIND

Any parent who has potty-trained a child knows these four things…. 1. Not My Circus A baby becomes aware of a mess in their diaper early on, with no idea how it got there. But they do know one thing…..they don’t like it, and want it off of them…..STAT!! 2. Who’s Monkeys are These? At some point, a toddler will realize the mess and the smell are coming from them! They aren’t… Read More »Potty Training Your MIND
Teresa R. Getman

What’s a girl to do?

More than one teacher and a principal informed her in no uncertain terms she would not amount to much. What’s a girl to do? – Envisioned a clear picture of her future and become CEO of a Youth Organization that spans three school districts and provides “out-of-school-time” programming and meals for thousands of youth. That’s what! In the middle of a great year with a great company, shift happened and… Read More »What’s a girl to do?