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Deep Thoughts

Is False Thinking Building a Nest in Your Brain?

Is False Thinking Building a Nest in Your Brain?

My last blog was about GETTING REAL, so it seems only fitting we take a shot at: FAKE and FALSE… Is there a difference? Turns out there is, according to WikiDiff: As adjectives, the difference between false and fake is that false is untrue, not factual, factually incorrect…while fake is not real, fraudulent. Nothing my brain conjured up about “false” felt fun or funny. As a matter of fact, as… Read More »Is False Thinking Building a Nest in Your Brain?
I have never been contained except I built the prison. -Mari Evans

Gettin’ Real With Fake Eyelashes

I just had to laugh as I’m brushing my teeth and watch yet another eyelash fall out. As the black, spider-like silk lash hits the white porcelain sink, I think I can actually hear God laughing at all the plans I made for launching my business in early spring…and it’s deafening. Funny. Kinda-sorta. Some parts, not at all. As I said before… Dear 2020, None of this sh!t was on… Read More »Gettin’ Real With Fake Eyelashes
Teresa R. Getman

What’s a girl to do?

More than one teacher and a principal informed her in no uncertain terms she would not amount to much. What’s a girl to do? – Envisioned a clear picture of her future and become CEO of a Youth Organization that spans three school districts and provides “out-of-school-time” programming and meals for thousands of youth. That’s what! In the middle of a great year with a great company, shift happened and… Read More »What’s a girl to do?