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Dear 2023, I hate you with all my heart!

Dear 2023, I hate you with all my heart!
You took my Sterling physically and shattered my world without a warning

You turned my world upside down and sent me into mourning

You stole the man of my dreams who made every one of them come true

You left me brokenhearted with the question “what will I do?”

You stole the future plans we made of the things we’d do and see

You robbed me of the life I had, the Man who loved me for me!

I hate you for the way it happened with out a single warning

But thank God because I know for sure my Dana knew no suffering.

Thank you for letting me be there to help his heart and breath his air

For being there in time to let him feel my love and care

I’m still angry and not sure that this will ever go away

I hate you took him from my arms, I love him more than words can say.

1 thought on “Dear 2023, I hate you with all my heart!”

  1. Wow Teresa. So beautiful, so deeply from the heart. I appreciate your sharing💔 You are truly gifted.

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