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Fear and Who’s on First?

So I was thinking after I posted my last blog on the baseball analogy, about how in life we never really strike out… I didn’t mention the TEAM. Those who support you. Those whom you support. Your Tribe. But there’s more to your team than those that readily come to mind. Your team consists of those who don’t even know they support you, and those you have no idea you supported. Like when someone has no idea their generous and genuine compliment was confirmation on a decision you were struggling with, and it inspired you to pick up that bat again. Or when you spoke just the right words, shared the warmest smile, or made that gentle gesture, and it happened to be exactly what someone needed to take that step back out to the plate. Now, let’s be REAL – home runs don’t happen EVERY time we’re up to bat, right? But here’s one encouraging and really fun thought: When we step up to the plate, our example encourages others to do the same, and in those times we hit the ball and land on one of the bases…it’s the others who step up after us to swing that provide US the opportunity to proceed to 2nd base…then 3rd…and eventually send us across home plate!! I invite you to encourage every one around you to step up to the plate and swing, because you never know whose Grand Slam will be the one that sends you around the bases too!! So when our sisters and brothers are traversing the baseball field of life, remember – your playing small isn’t helpful in the least. Someone might be stuck on first. Teresa R. Getman
The Dare to Dream Diva
InnerPrizes, LLC