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Gettin’ Real With Fake Eyelashes

I have never been contained except I built the prison. -Mari Evans
I just had to laugh as I’m brushing my teeth and watch yet another eyelash fall out. As the black, spider-like silk lash hits the white porcelain sink, I think I can actually hear God laughing at all the plans I made for launching my business in early spring…and it’s deafening. Funny. Kinda-sorta. Some parts, not at all. As I said before… Dear 2020, None of this sh!t was on my Vision Board!!!!  I only have about five fake lashes left between both eyes (now, that’s funny). I look in the mirror, and as I’m holding my toothbrush, I see nails that look like I dig ditches with my bare hands for a living (nothing wrong with that if that’s your career, but I would recommend a shovel). Tell me you’re at least smiling, ‘cause I’m laughing – especially as I think about my husband and how “real” it’s getting in this household with the coronavirus quarantine. Now, it’s not only my hairdresser who “knows.” Like I said, it’s about to get real, and I LOVE THAT!!!  If getting real is important to you too, you’ll appreciate what I have to share. It’s hard to get real and not share what I have learned from damaging thoughts, true feelings, regrettable actions, and words that wouldn’t come out in the form of an apology (and too many words that did from an unreined tongue). Just to ease your mind, I’m not going to share ALL of my brokenness here, you’ll have to join me at one of my retreats for that kind of vulnerability. But what you can expect is for me to share how I lived through some incredibly crazy situations, bad decisions, and tough love!  I’m excited to share my journey from hopeless to a home on the lake, introduce you to real life women (friends I know you’ll find as fascinating as I do) – women like us who have made it through their own list of “incredibles” (some great, some horrible) and survived. You’re still standing, you’re still here, and maybe you too are wondering what’s next, what’s my encore? If you’re anything like me…you’ve got a lot left in you! Quotes I live by:

“I have never been contained except I made the prison.”
-Mari Evans Teresa R. Getman
The Dare to Dream Diva
InnerPrizes, LLC