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Is False Thinking Building a Nest in Your Brain?

Is False Thinking Building a Nest in Your Brain?

My last blog was about GETTING REAL, so it seems only fitting we take a shot at:


Is there a difference? Turns out there is, according to WikiDiff:

As adjectives, the difference between false and fake is that false is untrue, not factual, factually incorrect…while fake is not real, fraudulent.

Nothing my brain conjured up about “false” felt fun or funny. As a matter of fact, as soon as I began to write this post, what bubbled up for me (here’s where I climb on my horse that’s kinda high)…

We women allow FALSE: that which is untrue, not factual, factually and absolutely incorrect BS to build nests in our brains, have a foothold in our hearts, and live in our homes as though it pays rent.

FALSE beliefs like I’m not smart enough, pretty enough, or thin enough. I don’t cook good enough. Then add in the limiting mindsets we’ve also adopted along the way, “Who am I to stand up and ask for what I want?,” “Who am I to speak up, want more, start a blog?,” (feel free to add in whatever that POS chatterbox in your head keeps telling you). This is the part where you hear me scream…”ENOUGH!!”

But, I ask you – Who are YOU to not be all you have dreamed?! When you fall into the false sense of unworthiness and lie down there, it simply isn’t helpful to a single soul – especially not you!

Why do some of us believe that if we have less, do less, and be less, somehow, somewhere, someway, someone else will have more? It doesn’t work this way, and actually the opposite is true. When you step up into your Badassness, you give other women a sacred nod to do the same.

Listen. Never, ever in the history of time, nor ever in the future, will there be another YOU.

Please hear me. You are not here by mistake. You are an on-purpose EVENT!! You have been given all you need to live a loving, fulfilling life. Accept this into your heart. Not only are you enough, you are GLORIOUSLY as you are suppose to be right now, in this space and time, ever evolving, ever growing…and whenever you doubt this…allow me to remind you, YOU. ARE. ENOUGH!

To be continued…

Teresa R. Getman
The Dare to Dream Diva
InnerPrizes, LLC