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My Blog for Believers like Me (with Flaws)

Written May 20, 2020…just having the guts to post!

Greetings to those who’ve stumbled upon my page or purposefully joined me here. I’m Teresa R. Getman, the Founder and CPWO (Chief Peace & Wholeness Officer) of InnerPrizes and the Create Your Life Vision Board Workshops now called DreamShops (VBDS). 

So, I laughed out loud at that picture. A dear friend and participant of one of my first VBDS sent it to me thinking I would get a kick out of it, and she was right. And it also sparked the fire for me to get out of my way and write my first blog post.

This year, my husband and I created the “GETMAN LIFE PLAN!” Dana and I and went at it like pros with hours of scheduled meetings and brainstorming topics spanning every area of our life…we felt pretty smug and very accomplished as we outlined our priorities for 20/20 (as I like to refer to it!!). 

1.    Visiting a beloved sister-in-law by the end of May

2.    Attending our eldest grandchild’s graduation from Smith college

3.    Spending more time with our eight adult children and their families (and had a really solid order of how that would look)

It was in writing, we had a plan…..

Unexpected death, disease, and distancing completely ripped our plans a new one….we cried, we prayed (hubby is not much of a prayer, but he did), and we regrouped (we are continuing to regroup daily just like all of you)…. but regroup we all must!!

I have always heard, “If you want to know if God has a sense of humor, just tell Him what your plans are…” Pretty sure He got quite the chuckle as Dana and I wrote out our plan with such assurance.

When it gets overwhelming, stay focused in the very present moment….. I take a deep breath and get back into gratitude (in some moments that can be more difficult than others), and there’s always…always…always something to be grateful for. The outcome might not always be what we want…. but the journey is a lot more pleasant if we ride it in gratitude.

Again, even though it might not be what we thought we wanted…. it always works to the good. As I look back over my life, in times when I’d scream at God, “What the actual hell is this about?” I could feel Him smile and say, “You’ll see.”

If God says “No,” to something you want, then Sweetie, trust me here, you don’t want it!!! 

God’s plans for me have always been better than my imagination.

UPDATE: So, as I read this today, I ask myself “What was so hard about sharing this and posting this blog back then?” Answer: The feelings were so fresh, so new, so raw. This all must have felt so vulnerable to me in May of 2020. Today, I see it as “Well, duh!” And admittedly, a little boring….hindsight 20/20, FUNNY!! 

Teresa R. Getman
The Dare to Dream Diva
InnerPrizes, LLC