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Potty Training Your MIND

Potty Training Your MIND
Any parent who has potty-trained a child knows these four things…. 1. Not My Circus 
A baby becomes aware of a mess in their diaper early on, with no idea how it got there. But they do know one thing…..they don’t like it, and want it off of them…..STAT!! 2. Who’s Monkeys are These? 
At some point, a toddler will realize the mess and the smell are coming from them! They aren’t fully aware of how it all works, but they know one thing…’s not comfortable. 3. Let’s Take This Show on the Road! 
Only when a child connects their urge to go…..with the whole mess and smell that follows… something they can control – that’s when potty training can successfully begin! 4. My Unique Snowflake! Cancel The Show! 
No two children are alike or will connect this information at exactly the same time or in the same manner! You will simply adjust to their uniqueness! NOW FOR THE ADULT COMPARISON!  1. Not My Circus 
We know there’s a mess, and we know we don’t like it…..aaaaand we feel powerless to change it! 2. Who’s Monkeys are These? 
When we are willing to be honest with ourselves and truly see that the mess in our lives is not there by happenstance, but that we are magnificent creators (of it). And, if we can create this big of a mess, imagine what else we can create. Sky’s the limit, give me those monkeys!!! 3. Let’s Take This Show on the Road! 
When we truly embrace the mess that is of our own making, we ignite the flame of Full Responsibility in our lives, and the power and energy of that flame fills our air balloon for take-off…..and yes…’s show time!!! 4. I’m a Unique Snowflake! Cancel The Show! 
In fact, you are UNIQUELY YOU!!! Never in the history of time, nor in the future, will there ever be anyone who is exactly like you or can accomplish exactly what you are here to do!! Don’t miss this!! Now, all this being said, the process the happiest, healthiest, most successful people use IS THE SAME as this analogy!! That’s right, I’m talking about 8 to Great and the process of…Hope! So get on your boogie shoes, and join me in my next Vision Board Dreamshop to retrain your brain!! Teresa R. Getman The Dare to Dream Diva