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What if I Fail?

What if you don’t?? What if you swing and miss and swing and miss and swing and WHAM… Grand Slam??? The first 2 swings can look like failure to the untrained eye, and many would give up then. But to those who know better…they might look like great lessons learned on ways NOT to do it. So, step up to the plate. Taking from Wayne Gretzky’s famous quote – you will miss 100% of the balls you never swing at, and you sure as hell can’t swing if you don’t step up to the plate!!! Yes, LIFE is pitching fast balls, curve balls, knuckle “in yo face” balls, and it can be scary standing up at the plate. Yes, you may swing and miss (it’s called a STRIKE, and in baseball you get three). It also might not be the ball for you, in which case it’s just a BALL and you get four. Some might look like your ball, and you swing and connect, but it goes astray. That’s ok, it’s called a FOUL. But, that’s baseball! In this one wild and precious LIFE, you can swing and miss as much as you need/want until you hit it out of park. However, getting on 1st base is pretty awesome too. Whether you take the bases one at a time, or hit that grand slam home, its all good!! And just like baseball, just because you cross the plate or hit a home run once, doesn’t mean you put your bat down…you keep playing the game, and you keep running bases, and you keep upping the score!! Just imagine all those things you want to accomplish that feel like home runs, and imagine how you’ll feel when you cross home plate…hang on to THAT feeling. Savor THAT feeling. Remember everyone knows Babe Ruth was the HOME RUN KING, but never do people mention the fact that he was also the STRIKE OUT KING too. So what if you miss/fail? You won’t know if you don’t swing your bat!! To Be Continued… Teresa R. Getman
The Dare to Dream Diva
InnerPrizes, LLC